Scott Zellak, Founder & CEO

With over 35 years in the construction industry and being a homeowner for nearly as long, I’ve come to understand the blind spots on both sides. Warranty protection, risk management, and quality home inspections are all things that usually go overlooked, despite being extremely important.

I’ve managed quality control of builds in 16 different states and found that poor practices are everywhere - even with the most respected developers and vendors in the country.

For buyers, there was no clear program in place to help them get punch list items (the jobs that are unfinished by closing) completed on a realistic schedule. For builders, liability concerns were out of control with difficult-to-find insurance certificates for all of their different contractors.

With Warranty Shield, I set out to change these issues and provide homebuyers and builders with a solution that they could trust.

I used to ask homebuyers these simple questions:

  • Does the builder offer an inspection by an unbiased third party?
  • Is that inspector a licensed home inspector?
  • Is the warranty provided in compliance with state and federal laws?
  • Does the builder offer an expressed written warranty, with yearly home inspections?
  • Is it just a structural insurance policy, or a warranty that includes latent defect protection?
  • Is the warranty transferable, should you sell your home before it expires?

The answer to most of these questions wasn’t even no - just a confused look.
Homebuyers usually don’t even know what to look for when it comes to warranties and insurance.

That’s where Warranty Shield comes in, to take all those confused looks and turn them into contented smiles. Let me use my experience and knowledge to make sure you are safe - physically and financially.

Scott Zellak


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